Standard Mounts

Lightweight. Simple. Efficient.

Effortless Assembly

The Standard Model’s unique design requires no drilling or alteration to your rooftop.

Instead, it utilizes specially designed weights to securely lock the system in place, reducing installation time while protecting the integrity of your buildings. This non-invasive approach offers a hassle-free installation process, preserving your infrastructure and peace of mind.

Adaptable & Secure Lock-In Design

Engineered for adaptability, our Standard Model features a smart lock-in design that effortlessly accommodates non-standard panel dimensions.

As elements are assembled, they seamlessly lock together, providing a secure and reliable mounting solution.

Cost-Effective Solution

The Standard Model embodies our commitment to deliver high-quality, budget-friendly solutions.

By simplifying the design and reducing the material usage, we’ve created a mounting system that balances cost-effectiveness with outstanding performance and quality. It’s an optimal solution that adds value to your projects, keeping costs down and installation efficiency high.


Front Connector

The aluminium nuts are pressed into the components, which guarantees easy screwing of the bracket. The underside of the product is covered with a layer of insulating material

Middle Connector

End Connector

Module clamps

Module clamps made of aluminum special profile and stainless steel screws

Module side clamps

Ballast plate and pad

Aluminium or technical rubber