Ground Standard Mounts / AG-504  

Convenient. Stable. Easy to assemble.  

Easy assembly 

 Two-part construction system ensures a hassle-free and speedy assembly process. You won’t need any specialized equipment; a basic set of hand tools is all that’s required to put everything together seamlessly.  

Convenient for transportation 

Our mounting systems are perfect for locations where access to special machinery is limited. Their compact design allows for easy transport even in a minibus. Plus, if needed, we offer welding services for the entire structure, providing you with a versatile solution.  

Long-lasting solution 

We pride ourselves on offering a durable solution that not only simplifies your installation but also reduces costs by using materials judiciously. Our components are galvanized and magnesium-coated, ensuring a long-lasting effect, even in demanding outdoor conditions.


  1. Main part of the structure  
  1. Top profile  
  1. Bolts’ set  
  1. Self-tapping screws  
  1. Middle clamps  
  1. End clamps  
  1. Pins for hammering  
  1. Inverter’s cover  
  1. Inverter’s bracket  
  1. Inverter’s plate