Ground FlexiLift Mounts / AG-472  

Robust. Stable. Height adjustable.  

Height Adjustable 

Our ground mounting system is designed with adaptability in mind. Crafted from folded profiles, it offers height adjustability, making it the perfect choice for uneven terrain such as steep slopes or hollows. This feature ensures a seamless installation even in challenging landscapes. 

Convenient for Transportation 

 This system is your go-to solution for locations where accessing special machinery is a challenge. Its ease of transport ensures that you can take it wherever it’s needed, regardless of the accessibility of the site.  

Long-lasting solution 

We take pride in providing a solution built to last. Our design philosophy emphasizes simplicity, reducing material usage and, in turn, costs. Additionally, our components are fortified with galvanized and magnesium coatings, guaranteeing a prolonged lifespan, even when exposed to the demanding outdoor conditions.  


  1. Main part of the structure  
  1. Top profile  
  1. Bolts’ set  
  1. Self-tapping screws  
  1. Middle clamps  
  1. End clamps  
  1. Pins for hammering  
  1. Inverter’s cover  
  1. Inverter’s bracket  
  1. Inverter’s plate