V-Shape Mounts

Efficient. Lightweight. Beautiful.

Optimized Spacing & Increased Energy Capture

The V-Shape Model is designed for enhanced solar efficiency.

By angling panels in a distinctive V-shape formation, each panel captures sunlight more effectively throughout the day, resulting in increased energy generation.

Versatile Orientation & Streamlined Design

Adaptability is at the heart of the V-Shape Model. Its design allows panels to be tilted in alternating orientations, offering a combination of optimal sun exposure and efficient use of space.

This streamlined design not only maximizes solar capture but also ensures a sleek appearance, making the most of available rooftop space.

Self-Locking Assembly & Tailored Solutions

With the V-Shape Model, installation is a breeze. Components lock into place as they’re assembled, ensuring stability and reducing installation time.

Plus, our structures are adaptable to non-standard dimensions of panels, providing tailored solutions that fit your specific requirements.


Front Connector

The aluminium nuts are pressed into the components, which guarantees easy screwing of the bracket. The underside of the product is covered with a layer of insulating material

Upper-Middle Connector

Lower-Middle Connector

Module clamps

Module clamps consist of aluminium special profile and stainless steel screws

Module side clamps

Ballast Pads

Aluminium or technical rubber



Simple and Fast Installation

Unveiling Simplicity: Your Guide to Easy Installations

We’ve designed our mounting systems with ease of installation in mind. Discover our helpful guides and watch step-by-step instruction to install your Rekosol mounts efficiently.