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Our Journey

Born from an experienced metalworking company, we specialize in creating lightweight mounting systems for solar panels on flat rooftops and the ground.

With a deep commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, we strive to redefine the solar installation process, making it simpler, more cost-effective, and more efficient than ever before.

Our Products

Shaping the Solar Landscape: Our Innovative Mounts

Explore our innovative range of mounts that are not just lightweight and easy to assemble, but aim to elevate the efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and simplicity of your solar installations. Click each mount type to learn more.

Standard Mounts /AG-427

Our standard mounts are a testament to efficiency and cost-effectiveness. They offer a reliable, straightforward solution for solar panel installation.

Aesthetic Mounts /AG-401

Where beauty meets function. Our aesthetic mounts cleverly conceal attachments and weights under the panels, providing a seamless look without compromising on stability or efficiency.

V-Shape Mounts /AG-491

Designed to optimize solar capture, our V-shape mounts create wave-like rows of panels, maximizing exposure to the sun and increasing energy production.


Advancing Solar: The Rekosol Difference

Easy Assembly

We believe in simplicity and efficiency. That’s why our mounts are designed for straightforward assembly without any intervention to the roof, saving you time and resources.


We’re committed to providing cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality. Our innovative designs ensure you get the most out of your investment in solar installations.

Lightweight Design

Our mounts are ingeniously designed to be lightweight, minimizing the pressure on the roof while maximizing stability.

Flexible Approach

We understand that not all installations are the same. Our team is always ready to adapt and find the best solutions even in non-standard situations.

SIMPLE AND FAST Installation

Unveiling Simplicity: Your Guide to Easy Installations

We’ve designed our mounting systems with ease of installation in mind. Discover our helpful guides and watch step-by-step instruction to install your Rekosol mounts efficiently.


Driving Solar Excellence Together

We’re proud to collaborate with some of the best businesses and solar installers in the industry. Together, we’re shaping the future of solar installations.

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